In this show, we share the insiders secret to the perfect landscape and how to bring out the value in your own home.  We cover water and how to bring...View Details

Autumn sets the stage for blooms that last right through winter in the mountains of Arizona.  This list of new plants will last, bloom and smell good...View Details

Javelina roams freely throughout the Southwest mountains devastating backyard gardens, but there is hope.  In this cast, we cover the 'Top 5' ideas f...View Details

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There are garden savings to be had as garden centers transition from the summer planting season into fall color and winter evergreens.  Autumn plants...View Details

Some shrubs are easier to grow than others and after this weeks show you have a list of the easiest to grow shrubs for your own backyard.  Once estab...View Details

Summer is the peak of the growing season for plants, but insects also grow fast.  Here are the top 5 insects that cause problems in the summer garden...View Details

Now through the end of the year is when decorative grasses outshine other plants in the landscape.  The mountains are famous for big, bold grasses th...View Details

Summer Monsoon rains make this the ideal season to be outdoors and to plant a new privacy screen. In this cast we cover the plants, spacing and how to...View Details

Some plants just don't like the sun, especially the Arizona sun, but with this unique list of shade-loving plants, your gardens are going to be more b...View Details

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