Gardening in containers is just easier, but there are mistakes that need to be avoided at all costs.  In this week's show we cover the top 10 blunders...View Details

2020 offers really exciting rose new for the garden.  In this show, we cover this year's winners and the different types of rose bushes and which easi...View Details

In this cast we go deep into caring for your vegetable gardens, and herbs in raised beds and containers.  As seedlings start our they need a little mo...View Details

With these tips and tricks, the harvest in your backyard will be at record levels.  Not only will you have more vegetables from the gardens, but they ...View Details

Not all perennial flowers are created equal when planted in mountain gardens.  In this show, you'll learn not only the toughest repeat bloomers but th...View Details

Tiny Trees for Tiny Yards

After this podcast you will have the top list of trees that grow in the tighter spaces in the yards.  Each has pretty blooms in spring, cool shade in ...View Details

There are secrets to growing better vegetables and sweeter herbs.  This week's insider tips will help you grow more food in the garden this spring.  Y...View Details

This class is Gardening 101 for everyone hoping to turn a brown thumb green. Learn all the mountain secrets to local garden success: from soil prepara...View Details

New plant introductions arrive at the garden center each spring.  This week we show off the trendy new bloomers you will find at the garden center thi...View Details

You will all the details for growing the best fruit harvest in the backyard.  We cover varieties, sizes, even how old a tree should be before planting...View Details

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