Break out the pen and papers because you will have a list of 9 hardy evergreens that thrive in the landscape in winter and promptly bloom in spring.  ...View Details

New to Arizona or just new to gardening? This class is Gardening 101 for everyone hoping to turn a brown thumb green. Learn all the mountain secrets t...View Details

Fruit trees need to be hardier when growing at higher elevations.  Pruning, foods and the exact varieties are all covered with detail in this week's s...View Details

Gardeners know your soil is the secret to success when growing flowers, vegetables, and herbs.  In this podcast, you'll have this secret recipe to gro...View Details

We cover the genius uses for both eggshells and coffee grounds in the garden with this week's show.  Lost in-store from pruning, to soil prep and more...View Details

Not all shrubs are created equal when gardening in the mountains.  In this week's show we cover the Best-of-the-Best when it comes to shrubs in your l...View Details

Home feels empty after the holiday festivities are packed away.  Houseplants are the perfect home addition that brings life back to your space.  This ...View Details

Pruning Plants Properly

This week's episode we go deep into all things pruning.  From perennial flowers to shrubs and trees, you will be a pruning pro after this week's show.

The indoor warmth is the perfect growing environment for your houseplants, but indoor insects also thrive.  In this week's podcast we cover the top pe...View Details

This cast is packed full of garden advice right for winter planting, but we start with the evergreen trees that look their best through the holidays. ...View Details

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