Neighbors breathing down your patio or glaring in the livingroom is not fun.  After this weeks show you will know which plants grow into a living wall...View Details

This show shares the showiest shrubs for mountain landscapes that outshine the rest.  You will be a shrubbery pro after this weeks show. 

Gardening all comes down to healthy plants growing in healthy soil.  In this week's show, we share a secret recipe that makes garden plants grow.  Win...View Details

Pruning technicals, we go deep into garden pruning, what to prune, when and how to avoid mistakes in the gardens this winter. You are going to be a ga...View Details

Plants are easy to grow inside, but you'll have the top 10 favorites grown by beginners to the very best gardeners.  You will have a list of new impos...View Details

Winter is a time that slows in the gardens, but not entirely.  This show we cover 11 garden tips that should be watched closely for a better season ah...View Details

This show is for those with mischievous kittens, teething puppies, and kids that like playing, chewing, and digging up your houseplants.  Many housepl...View Details

Living Christmas trees are evergreens that still have their roots and planted in the landscape after the holiday festivities end, growing for years to...View Details

Some evergreen trees just say 'Christmas Tree', but not all can be planted in your landscape.  In this show, we give you the list of best evergreen tr...View Details

Tropical succulents are very trendy and so easy to grow.  After this week's show you will be an expert and how, where, and when to grow these desert p...View Details

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