There are an entire series of garden plants that love the heat of summer and wait to bloom until their soil temperature is truly warm.  You will be a...View Details

Don't settle for a flower that blooms once and then done, force them to bloom again and again this year.  We go deep into the mindset of flowers and ...View Details

Summer can be hard on spring blooming plants with many hibernation, if not dying as the summer heat arrives. In this show we cover the bloomers that l...View Details

Summer is the season to grow better shade trees.  This show we cover the best mountain trees for shade, from smaller trees for patios to the big mapl...View Details

Feed the entire yard with this dynamic duo for a truly amazing yard this summer. Apply ASAP before the monsoon rains arrive in July for best results.

This week we share the best garden practice for sweeter berries, larger grape clusters and more fruits from your trees.  The topic is covered so deep...View Details

June is a transition month from spring to summer garden bloomers.  There is an entire group of plants that have been waiting for the summer heat befo...View Details

June is the best month to buy and plant perennial flowers, those that come back for years to come.  This is the season when the garden center introdu...View Details

June is a month of transition from spring blooming shrub to sizzling summer shrubs.  With the summer blooming tips, your landscape will bloom in a ri...View Details

Monarch, Swallowtail and Painted Lady butterflies abound this spring and super easy to draw into your gardens. With just a few of these tips and trick...View Details

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