Spring begins this week and with it, all the new plant colors, sizes and varieties the will make your heart go pitter-patter.  The spring planting se...View Details

Plant food is one of the most misunderstood and misguided subjects in the garden, but not after this weeks show.  We cover all the basics and then go...View Details

Spring is in the Air

The gardener within is awakened as Spring erupts into bloom.  There is some key garden task that jumpstart the gardens that ensure success without al...View Details

The week we go deep into lilacs, the varieties and which are most fragrant.  Your best selection and ideal planting season is now, and you'll be a li...View Details

This week we feature the newest collection of succulents and cactus along with how to best grow them both inside and out. 

If you let these pests gain a foothold in the garden, they’re nearly impossible to clear out. Gophers, rabbits, deer, javelina, and packrats can wre...View Details

Gardening in a new place can be challenging, especially if you garden at altitude.  This podcast we cover unique Southwestern needs to garden in wind...View Details

Get the loppers and trimmers ready! Timing is critical for the plants in your yard that need pruning. We’ll share techniques for our mountain climat...View Details

Late winter is the ideal window to start wildflower seed outdoors, but you can’t just chuck them in the landscape and expect success.  We share all...View Details

This podcast a list of the most popular houseplants grown by local gardeners is giving, along with tips, tricks, and techniques that insure healthy,...View Details

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